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Message From One of Our Aesthetic Patients

I don’t know if you’re divorced and dating like me, job hunting, going to a reunion, or saw a picture and said, “who is that old lady?”

Now I treat my face like my teeth or my hair. I have regularly scheduled anti-aging checkups – in conjunction with a maintenance plan of treatments or touch ups just a few times a year. Whoops! I skipped a maintenance appointment and now I need a deeper, costlier fix.

If you get evaluated at 35 and stay on a plan, you can still look 35 when you’re 50! Or if you took a few years off like me, you can now walk in at 50 and have miracle treatments like Ultherapy and amazing injectables like Botox and Sculptra.

These treatments set you up to build collagen for the next year or two – getting you younger every day! Go regularly! You’ll need less product – and maintain your youthful appearance. My secret weapon on anti-aging is the Academic Alliance of Dermatology.

Who knows skin and aging better than the Tampa Bay’s Premiere Dermatologists? Call now to set up your free expert consultation at the Academic Alliance of Dermatologists.

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