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You Have Been Loved for 17 Years!

Congratulations to the winners of our Purchase Raffle Giveaway!

Please call our aesthetic line at (813) 514-4711 to let us know from which Academic Alliance in Dermatology location you’d like to claim your prize. Prizes MUST be claimed by November 15, 2022.

Skincare Winners

Cheryl Snyder
Karen Marder
Skye Lucas
Angela Ryder
Leslie Shakespeare
Adnela Huskovic
Cecelia Peffer
Deborah Peterson
John Campo
Lisa Roman

Stacy Gonzalez
Heather Sheldon
Marilyn Gibson
Steven Howerton
Ty Crandall
Lu Anne Dinglasan
Grace Sultenfuss
Roseanne Demarco
Kimberly Housni
Wendy Rosenoff

James Souza IV
Tamnah D’Angelo
Rosa “Erika” Germain
Marcelana Anthony
Claudiane Marinelli
Christina Marie Richardson
Debbie Eisenberg
Kotomi Sutton
Pamela Voigts

Botox Winners

Gina Nelson
Angela Nimmo
Suzanne Piper
Olivia Rivas
Carlos Patino Gallego

Dysport Winners

Stacy Gillis
Jill Horvick
Lindsay Ribaya
Janette Chirino
Natalie Gebicke

Restylane Kysse Winner

Bonnie Saigh-Mangione

Restylane Lyft Winner

Lucy White

Juvederm Volbella Winner

Nicole De La Guardia

Juvederm Vollure Winner

Angela Rosario

Juvederm Ultra XC Winner

Kimberly Dickenson

What is Evening of Beauty?

Evening of Beauty is a virtual celebration with 20 live demonstrations of our most popular procedures and skin care products with our wonderful providers and skin care experts. There will be special pricing on procedures and products, giveaways, and more! Phone lines will be open all day for purchases. We will be streaming a number of live demos to educate and excite you about our full range of aesthetic services.

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