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National Hair Loss Awareness Month: August 2017

Very Esteemed Patients across the Globe; Very Dear Team Members:

August is the designated National Hair Loss Awareness Month. We will take a moment to highlight our contributions and comment on your exemplary commitment to patients suffering from hair loss across the globe.

In 2006, AAD made a conscious commitment to devote part of our clinical time to hair loss in a comprehensive approach. We began with hair transplantation but quickly realized that hair loss was far more complex than could be solved with a singular approach.

In 2007 we founded Academic Alliance for Clinical Research, later renamed Olympian Clinical Research. Today OCR is pioneering clinical research with tofacitinib (XELJANZ) to treat immune mediated alopecia, also known as spot baldness, in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body.

In March of 2008, during a trip to Denmark, AAD and Harklinikken first connected. Harklinikken, founded by Lars Skjoeth, head scientist, has pioneered a proprietary hair loss solution with unparalleled results, treating male and female patterned hair loss. A decade later, we have come to realize the amazing complexity of hair loss, hair patterns and the fact that each hair on the human body has it very own distinct makeup.

Puberty is very a telling example: You grow hair on the chest, face, axilla and pubic area. Shortly thereafter one may begin to recede on the forehead or experience more significant loss on the crown of the head. Hair follicles, having such a distinct characteristics, command a customized treatment tailored to each individual patient.

The concerted efforts of Academic Alliance in Dermatology, Harklinikken and Olympian Clinical Research in caring for hair loss has catapulted the leaders of these organizations, Lars Skjoeth and Panos Vasiloudes into international prominence demonstrated in an article in the New York Times on August 24, 2017:  NY Times Article Click Here

During the span of 6 weeks from July 22 – September 3, Lars Skjoeth and Panos Vasiloudes have traveled to Dubai, Denmark, Iceland, New York City, Los Angeles and back to Tampa.  We have seen patients across the globe, spanning 11 time zones, given interviews to several radio- and TV-stations, newspapers, and magazines. We were invited to One World Observatory, Hearst Tower and multiple other outlets to promote a healthy hair care program for a global problem.

In closing, let me place focus on the two major groups making our mission worthwhile: Our patients and our team members.

Our patients: You teach us daily and motivate us to go back to the laboratory, to the books, libraries and examination rooms searching for solutions. You enrich our lives as clinicians and scientists and make our efforts worthwhile.

Our team members: Your dedication, empathy and compassion are unmatched. Your exemplary commitment to patient care is admirable and we are so grateful to you.

Lastly, let us remember: Hair loss does not affect just the hair!  It affects the way we feel, act and look; it affects our skin, our hearts, souls and minds.  We have seen children and adults, males and females alike, devastated by hair loss. Therefore, treating hair loss is such a rewarding experience, especially when we can deliver the results in such an effective, safe and innovative fashion.

Thank you all!

Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD, FAAD, FAAP, FASMS
Academic Alliance in Dermatology
Olympian Clinical Research
Founder and CEO

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