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Wrapping Up Our 1st Annual Melanoma Awareness Event

Last Saturday over 100 members from the local Tampa Town and Country community joined us for our 1st annual Melanoma Awareness Event, where they spent the morning getting free skin cancer screenings, learning about Melanoma prevention, cooling down with a snowcone, playing cornhole, chatting with our talented providers about our aesthetic products and services, and admiring the awesome face-painting skills of our staff.

This was a new event for us, and we could not be more thrilled to see Dr. V’s dreams of educating the local community on the dangers of melanoma and the importance of early detection come to fruition. Thank you to everyone who supported us in this venture – this was a huge success and we’re already planning for next year’s event!

As many of you know, for over 30 years Dr. V has made it his mission to combat malignant melanoma, doing everything possible to raise awareness about the condition and devoting his life’s work to the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. He has surgically removed tens of thousands of melanoma spots, treated countless patients, dedicated hundreds of hours to scientific research on the condition, and spent his personal time compiling a comprehensive gallery of melanoma photos for clinical observation and education. This event was his way of giving back to the community and trying to raise awareness about a cause that is near and dear to his heart!

Below are some of our favorite photos from Saturday. We are truly grateful to the entire community for their participation and we can’t wait for next year!

2019-05-04 11.05.08 2.jpg



2019-05-04 11.05.09 1.jpg

2019-05-04 09.14.26 2.jpg

2019-05-04 11.05.10 1.jpg


2019-05-04 11.05.11 1.jpg

2019-05-04 09.36.13 1.jpg


2019-05-04 11.05.08 1.jpg



2019-05-04 08.59.06 1.jpg




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