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National Doctors Day: A Message From Dr. V

A special note from Dr. V to all of our patients and fellow healthcare providers as we celebrate National Doctors Day.

Dear Patients, Friends & Staff,

Yesterday March 30, 2020, we celebrated Doctors’ Day as we are fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we mourn the loss of so many lives, let us all pause and recognize the thousands of health care professionals at the forefront of the pandemic. Please THANK and THINK of EVERY HEALTHCARE PROVIDER who is at the forefront of medicine every day.

Regardless of where YOU are: Emergency Room, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Labor and Delivery, Laboratory Bench, Library, Infectious Diseases Unit, Isolation Ward, Leprosy Sanatorium, Freud’s Couch, Burn Unit, Trauma Service, War Zone, Rehabilitation Unit, Accident Scene, the midst of a Pandemic, just remember one thing: DO YOUR BEST, WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST!

A Story of Inspiration

In 1983, Australian Doctors, Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin Warren, fighting the medical establishment and entitlement, drank and infected themselves with broth containing a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori. Marshall and Warren infected themselves in a selfless way to serve the patient and to be true to their science. Their initial publication was rated at the bottom 10% of scientific value. In 2005 they received the Nobel Prize for medicine: They proved that stomach ulcer was an infection.

I am not suggesting to any of us to go that far, but always remember – We are here to serve our patients, humanity and nature in the best possible way, balancing academic knowledge, ethical values, impeccable morals and selfless dedication. Always, remember and triage your life and actions. Let us all DO OUR BEST, WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST!

Yes, we are here to serve You and the Community. Humanity and Good will PREVAIL.

Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD, FAAD, FAAP
Founder, CEO & CMO

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