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How To Prepare For Your Dermaplaning Appointment

When it comes to exfoliation, dermaplaning really is the best way to get baby-smooth skin. It’s incredibly important to follow your dermatologist’s preparation instructions so that you get the best results possible. However, you and many of our other clients may be wondering: what is dermaplaning? Let’s take a look at the basics of the procedure and discuss some ways you can prepare for your appointment.

What Is Dermaplaning?

At first, dermaplaning can seem like a scary procedure; it can be dangerous or anxiety-inducing if you try to do it yourself, so leave it to the professional dermatologists like the ones here at Academic Alliance in Dermatology. Our dermatologists will expertly exfoliate your face with a very thin blade held parallel to your skin. This method has been used for centuries in Japan as a way to reduce the signs of aging and reveal smoother, healthier layers of skin.

Since dermaplaning is a physical procedure that can be intense on the skin, we recommend that you take some time and put some thought into how you prep yourself for this appointment. Here’s how to prep your skin before dermaplaning:

Skip The Make-Up

If you do come to our office with make-up on, we’re going to have to remove it anyway. We recommend that you skip make-up entirely for the few hours before your appointment. This helps us ensure that your skin is at an ambient level of moisture— it’s much easier to peel off just the outer layer of skin when your face is clean and free of added color and moisture.

Schedule Botox For After Dermaplaning

Fillers like Botox are injected right beneath the surface of your skin, and can take a few days to dissolve completely into the tissue. If we try dermaplaning your freshly injected skin, there’s a risk of spreading the injectable filler around both above and below the outer layer of skin. Since these fillers rely on neurotoxins, a dab of misplaced filler wouldn’t be good. That’s why  we recommend that you schedule any appointments for injectables no less than four days prior to a dermaplaning appointment, or for anytime after your dermaplaning appointment.

Stay Out Of The Sun Beforehand

While it may be extremely difficult, it’s best to stay out of direct sunlight for five to seven days prior to your dermaplaning appointment. You should avoid sunburn at all costs within this window; sunburn causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed, which makes dermaplaning impossible. If you get a sunburn, it’s best to reschedule your appointment with us, but call your dermatologist at Academic Alliance in Dermatology to see what their thoughts are.

Get Waxed In Advance

If you like to have your brows or lip waxed every once in a while, make sure it gets done no less than one to two weeks before your dermaplaning appointment. Waxing will aggravate your skin and take off some of the outermost skin cells. Dermaplaning is fairly difficult when the skin is irritated and already exfoliated; this is because irritation makes the outer layer of skin hard to visualize.

Stop Exfoliating Before Dermaplaning

Regardless of which exfoliating method happens to be your go-to, cease and desist for three to five days before your dermaplaning appointment. Since the main goal of dermaplaning is to exfoliate, you should leave something for your dermatologist to see and be able to address for you. Additionally, some normally great forms of exfoliation can aggravate and dry out your skin— something you want to avoid before your appointment.

For additional information about your dermaplaning appointment, make sure to check with your dermatologist at our office. Schedule an appointment for your dermaplaning procedure today!

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